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The Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy teaching programme consists of four 'schools' each year.  The two big events of the year are the Summer School and the Winter School, taught over 5 weeks across January and February and June and July, respectively.  Both present a large selection of 10-hour short courses, some during the day and others at night.  While all of our courses come under the broad title of 'philosophy', this provides room for a wide variety of subjects from film theory to the history of philosophy, from theories of technology and art to contemporary political concerns.  By offering the option of doing mulitple courses for only a little more than the single course price the MSCP encourages students to broaden their experience of different philosophical traditions and themes.

The other two schools are the evening schools taught alongside the University semesters 1 and 2.  Usually each of these schools consists of two parallel courses that each run for 12 weeks.

The curriculums for each of the four schools are released a few months before each begins.  We don't know what courses will be taught before then simply because our teachers haven't proposed them yet!  The MSCP gives (almost) total freedom to the teachers to devise what and how they wish to teach.  All of our courses are open to all and involve no assessment.  The courses run at various venues in the Carlton area.  Please see our FAQ for further details.  For any other questions don't hesitate to contact us.

See a full list of our past courses here.

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