Past Events

A list of workshops and talks hosted by the MSCP

June 2023: One less philosopher - A symposium on Samuel Beckett

Participants: Arka Chattopadhyay, Caitlyn Lesiuk, Merlyn Gwyther-McCuskey, Eloise Mignon, Julie Forsyth, Conall Cash, Jon Roffe, Lillian Phillips, Justin Clemens 

November 2022:  150 Years of Tragedy - Nietzsche, Art, Philosophy

Convened by Paris Lettau and Vincent Le with INDEX-JOURNAL

Participants: Paris Lettau, Vincent Le, Rex Butler, Ursula Cornelia de Leeuw, Caitlyn Lesiuk, Vanessa Lemm, Ian McLean, Justin Clemens 

October 2022: Alain Badiou’s The Immanence of Truths

Participants: John Cleary, Justin Clemens, Caitlyn Lesiuk, Jon Roffe, Bryan Cooke, Antonia Pont, Russell Grigg, Ali Alizadeh, Robyn Adler, Eloise Mignon, Daniel Lopez

December 2021: Infinity Wars: Spinoza vs Hegel

Participants: Luara Karlson-Carp, Caitlyn Lesiuk, Janice Richardson, Jon Rubin, Inja Stracenski, Brendan Duncan, Daniel Lopez, Gregory Marks

March 2020: Platonisms and Ideas

Participants: Jon Roffe, Luara Karlson-Carp, John Cleary, AJ. Bartlett

February 2020: On the Possibility of a Pop (or Pulp) Philosophy - Robin Mackay

September 2018: Three Lectures: Mallarmé Resolved: The Supreme Reading of Un Coup de dés

Participants: Justin Clemens, Robert Boncardo, Christian R. Gelder

January 2018: Technology and Subjectivity

Participants: Bryan Cooke, Lauren Bliss, Jon Roffe, Janice Richardson

December 2017: Conference - Technology, Knowledge, Truth

Participants: Ray Brassier,  Anne Sauvagnargues, Gregg Flaxman, Robyn Adler, Agon Hamza, John Cleary, Tom Ford, Cat Moir, Joe Hughes, Allan James Thomas, Sigi Jottkandt, Jessica Whyte, Knox Peden, Campbell Jones, Nick Heron, Janice Richardson, Jon Rubin, Alison Ross, Robert Boncardo, Daniel Ross, Jon Roffe, Mark G. E. Kelly, Emma Black, Russell Grigg, Alex Ling, Bryan Cooke, Adam Nash, Justin Clemens, A. J. Bartlett, Ali Alizadeh, Cindy Zeiher

August 2017: What is Education?

Participants:  AJ Bartlett, Jessica Whyte, Justin Clemens, Bryan Cooke

January 2017: The Crisis of Democratic Politics - A Discussion with Marcel Gauchet

Co-organised by Social Imaginaries, an international journal of social theory and political philosophy, and hosted by RMIT.

Participants: Marcel Gauchet, Natalie J. Doyle, John Rundell, Peter Murphy, AJ Bartlett 

December 2016: On the Ends of History

Participants: Emily Finlay, Justin Clemens, Robert Boncardo, Jess Marian, Mark Hewson, Ali Alizadeh, Robyn Adler, Bryan Cooke

July 2016: Popular Sovereignty and Political Will

Participants: Prof Peter Hallward, Mark Kelly, Nicholas Heron, Jessica Whyte, Jon Roffe, Robert Boncardo, Bryan Cooke

October 2015: Mini Seminar Series

Participants: Chris Watkin, Maurita Harney, Martin Black, Matthew Sharpe

Nov 2014: Badiou Melbourne 2014

Participants: Prof Alain Badiou, Sigi Jottkandt, Ali Alizadeh, Knox Peden, Louise Burchill, Jon Roffe, Alex Ling

April 2014: Lacan Deleuze Badiou Symposium

Participants: AJ Bartlett, Justin Clemens and Jon Roffe

Nov 2013: Graham Harman in conversation with Jon Roffe

Winter 2013: Heidegger

Participants: Mark Wrathall, Jeff Malpas, David Rathbone, Andrew Inkpin, Marylin Stendara, Sean Ryan

Spring 2012: Agamben

Participants: Jessica Whyte, Justin Clemens, Nick Heron, Bryan Cooke, AJ Bartlett

Spring 2011: Interpretations of Nietzsche

Participants: Jon Roffe, Matthew Sharpe, Ashley Woodward, Sean Ryan, David Rathbone, Carolyn D’Cruz, Mark Tomlinson

Spring 2010: Humanism and Anti-Humanism

Participants: Cameron Shingleton, Geoff Boucher, Matthew Sharpe, Andrea Leon-Montero, Bryan Cooke, Ricki Sebold

Autumn 2010: Body, Soul Organism: Leibniz

Participants: Sean Bowden, Jon Roffe, Paul Redding, Marc Hiatt, Simon Duffy

Spring 2009: The Future of the University

Participants: James Field, Sherah Bloor, Bryan Cooke, Jason Freddi, Marc Hiatt, Matthew Sharpe

Autumn 2009: Why Philosophy?

Participants: James Garrett, Jon Roffe, Bryan Cooke, Paul Daniels, Mark Tomlinson