In addition to the four schools we run each year, the MSCP also endevours to run and support other activities.  These activities include both research based events as well as events to encourage discussion about topics close to philosophy.  The workshop series, for example, is dedicated to examining a topic or thinker from a variety of different angles. These workshops are free and open to the public.


Past Events

Dec 2016: On the Ends of History

Participants: Emily Finlay, Justin Clemens, Robert Boncardo, Jess Marian, Mark Hewson, Ali Alizadeh, Robyn Adler, Bryan Cooke

Oct 2015: Mini Seminar Series

Participants: Chris Watkin, Maurita Harney, Martin Black, Matthew Sharpe

Nov 2014: Badiou Melbourne 2014

Participants: Prof Alain Badiou, Sigi Jottkandt, Ali Alizadeh, Knox Peden, Louise Burchill, Jon Roffe, Alex Ling

April 2014: Lacan Deleuze Badiou Symposium

Participants: AJ Bartlett, Justin Clemens and Jon Roffe

Nov 2013: Graham Harman in conversation with Jon Roffe

Winter 2013: Heidegger

Participants: Mark Wrathall, Jeff Malpas, David Rathbone, Andrew Inkpin, Marylin Stendara, Sean Ryan

Spring 2012: Agamben

Participants: Jessica Whyte, Justin Clemens, Nick Heron, Bryan Cooke, AJ Bartlett

Spring 2011: Interpretations of Nietzsche

Participants: Jon Roffe, Matthew Sharpe, Ashley Woodward, Sean Ryan, David Rathbone, Carolyn D’Cruz, Mark Tomlinson

Spring 2010: Humanism and Anti-Humanism

Participants: Cameron Shingleton, Geoff Boucher, Matthew Sharpe, Andrea Leon-Montero, Bryan Cooke, Ricki Sebold

Autumn 2010: Body, Soul Organism: Leibniz

Participants: Sean Bowden, Jon Roffe, Paul Redding, Marc Hiatt, Simon Duffy

Spring 2009: The Future of the University

Participants: James Field, Sherah Bloor, Bryan Cooke, Jason Freddi, Matthew Sharpe

Autumn 2009: Why Philosophy?

Participants: James Garrett, Jon Roffe, Bryan Cooke, Paul Daniels, Mark Tomlinson





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