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Baudrillard, Bataille, Derrida: Marcel Mauss' gift to continental philosophy

Lecturers: Matthew Sharpe, Ashley Woodward and Jon Roffe

Originally Taught: Winter School 2004

The aim of this course is to elucidate the legacy of the groundbreaking work of French sociologist Marcel Mauss, in particular his text The Gift, in 20th century Continental thought.

Monday: Introducing the work of Marcel Mauss
Matthew Sharpe

Tuesday: Jean Baudrillard's economy of the sign - the link between capitalism and exchange
Ashley Woodward

Wednesday: George Bataille - excess and society
Matthew Sharpe

Thursday: Jacques' Derrida's Given Time - the gift, tabacco and temporality
Jon Roffe

Friday: From Derrida to Mauss - A critical summary of Mauss' reception
Matthew Sharpe


10 Jan - 18 Feb Summer School 2022

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Winter School 2004