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Hegel for Social Movements

Lecturer: Andy Blunden

Originally Taught: Summer School 2023

This course will present a social philosophy based on a reading of Hegel’s philosophy which is relevant to our times, rather than a meditation on an early-19th century German philosopher. 

The resources called upon to render Hegel’s philosophy into a form relevant to the present epoch are drawn from Marx and the Soviet Cultural Psychologist, Lev Vygotsky and the Soviet Activity Theorists.  The course will take the form of relatively short lectures with ample time devoted to a dialogue between the presenter and the participants.

No background reading is required but participants might wish to orient themselves by browsing my home page:

Session 1: What is the difference between Hegel and Marx?
Session 2: In what sense was Hegel and Idealist?

Session 3: What is the subject matter of Hegel’s Logic?
Session 4: The substance of human life is activities.

Session 5: The structure of Hegel’s Logic?
Session 6: Concept and activities?

Session 7: Marx’s Capital and Hegel’s Logic.
Session 8: The concept of class in the 21st century.

Session 9: The life-cycle of an activity.
Session 10: Discussion.

Each evening there will be two sessions.  Each session will be opened with a short lecture before assigning participants into break-out groups for 5 minutes, and then the remainder of the hour will be Q&A. There will then be a 5-minute break before starting the second session.

Orders will be taken for the book “Hegel for Social Movements” (2019) $25