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Postmodern Conservatism

Lecturers: Matthew Sharpe and Geoff Boucher

Originally Taught: Summer School 2007

This lecture series will offer a theoretical reading of the present political situation in Australia animated by the well known critical theoretic maxim that theory should engage with the urgent political struggles of the day. The lectures will be co-presented by Geoff Boucher and Matthew Sharpe. The week should break down as follows:

Monday: The end of the Australian settlement? Neo-liberalism and the economic revolution of the past two decades.
Tuesday: Commodified dissent: postmodernism as the (uncanny) ideology of neo-liberal capitalism.
Wednesday: Law or order? From juridical to executive radicalism.
Thursday: Culture wars, café lattes, and fundamentalisms.
Friday: A new road to serfdom? Tyranny, populism and politics.