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Heidegger's Being and Time

Lecturer: James Garrett

Originally Taught: Winter School 2011

Being and Time, published in 1927, remains one of the most influential texts of modern philosophy.  This 10 hour course works through the key arguments of Being and Time, discerning especially the basic themes and methods of the early Heidegger’s project of ‘fundamental ontology’.  While Heidegger soon deemed his original project was impossible to complete, the published fragment (at more than 400 pages) demonstrates a way of philosophising and a critique of what had gone before that continues to shape the possibility of intellectual activity today.

Lecture 1
Firstly, the whole text in brief
The structure of questions, research and understanding
What does Being and Time attempt?

Lecture 2
The Worldhood of the World: of hammers, signposts, and space

Lecture 3
Speaking with other people
Speaking, Understanding, Interpretation

Lecture 4
Getting a hold of oneself: Death, Guilt, Resoluteness

Lecture 5
Time and Temporality - Totality and the meaning of Being

Difficulty: Intermediate.  No knowledge of Heidegger is assumed, but some acquaintance with philosophy is.

It would be best if you have a copy of Being and Time - either translation is fine.