About the MSL


The Melbourne School of Literature began in 2022 as a site for the independent teaching, reading, and writing of literature. It is currently in formation and being run through the MSCP.


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Past Courses

Winter 2022

The Poetics of Rebellion in Australasia - Lecturer: Elese Dowden
Nietzsche’s Children: The Nietzschean Impulse & the 20th Century Avant-Garde - Lecturer: Thomas Moran
Rilke’s Sonnets to Orpheus: the sound of modernity - Lecturer: Eva Birch
Genealogy of postcritique: the critic, the university, and the crisis of crisis - Lecturer: Michael Graham

Evening School Sem2 2022

Visiting Authors: Transnationalism and Australian Literary History - Lecturer: Brendan Casey

MSL Summer School 2023

Love Poetry - Lecturer: Lucy Van

Elegiac Poetry: Who Mourns and How - Lecturer: Autumn Royal