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Cinema's Naturalisms

Lecturer: Mairead Phillips

Originally Taught: Summer School 2016

Between the affection and the action-image, Deleuze locates the impulse-image. The pantheon of impulse-image directors consists of Erich von Stroheim, Luis Buñuel, and Joseph Losey. This course examines in detail the co-ordinates of the impulse-image: originary worlds, derived milieux and the related signs, symptoms and fetishes. It also explores the difficult of locating cinema wholly within the realm of the impulse-image. Originary worlds and elementary impulses abound in contemporary television; this course takes a look at the hereditary tradition of impulses at work in classical cinema as identified by Gilles Deleuze in Cinema 1: The Movement-Image.

Course Schedule

  1. Deleuze's Movement-Image and the how the Impulse-Image fits within a classical paradigm
  2. On the Difficulty of Being a Naturalist... the weirdness and strangeness of the impulse-image
  3. Three Naturalists: Stroheim, Bunuel, Losey
  4. Time and the impulse: entropy, eternal return, reversal against the self
  5. Quasi-naturalists; there's no escaping the steepest slope.

Recommended Readings

DELEUZE, G. Cinema 1: The Movement-Image

Films to be discussed will come from the oeuvres of Erich von Stroheim, Luis Buñuel and Joseph Losey.

Level of Difficulty

Introductory at Graduate level