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Post-secular Nietzsche

Lecturer: John Mandalios

Originally Taught: Summer School 2016

The course embarks upon an examination of Nietzsche's work using a different light to demonstrate its unique post-secular dimensions, particularly with respect to atheism and religion. Its approach is thematically focused while textual interpretation will aid the exegesis of the main thesis. Nietzsche is commonly characterized as a master of irreligious thought and nihilism with the 'standard interpretation' holding that he was modern in his outlook on religion and science. What the 'death of God' encompasses and Nietzsche' view of Christianity is examined in order to explicate his perspective on the divine and the mundane. The course advances an understanding of Nietzsche based on recent developments within European philosophy and current crises of the secular modern.

Course Schedule

Lecture 1 The Main Question

  • F. Nietzsche The Anti-Christ
  • M. Haar 'Metamorphosis of the Divine', Nietzsche and Metaphysics; pp. 22;75

Lecture 2 Beyond the Event

  • F. Nietzsche On the Genealogy of Morals: chs 2 &3
  • The Gay Science, book V

Lecture 3 Bad Conscience and Redemption

  • F. Nietzsche On the Genealogy of Morals: chs 2 &3

Lecture 4 Christ and the Church

  • F. Nietzsche The Anti-Christ

Lecture 5 Decadence and Becoming Overhuman

  • F. Nietzsche The Gay Science: Book V